Procurement Services

PERSOIL is providing the procurement services for the major contractors and operators in Petroleum Industry not only in Iran, but also for the partners around the world. Our materials and facilities can be offered by all the necessary crew. These services could be classified in the following categories:

  1.  Drilling and Completion Equipment
    • Drilling Rig and all the accessories (Rotary Table and Top Drive Systems)
    • Drill String
    • Drilling Mud and Cement (plus Additives)
    • Bottom hole Assemblies (Sand Control Screen, Tubing, Packers, Down hole Motors …)
    • Surface Well Completion Facilities
    • Wellhead and BOP
    • De sander and De salter units
  2.  Pipeline
    • Line Pipes
    • Pump Stations
    • Inspection Systems
  3. Refinery Plants
    • Turbines and Compressors
    • Water Treatment Systems
    • Distillation Systems
    • Vacuum Systems
  4. Petrochemical Plants
    • Chemicals
    • Water Treatment Systems
    • Licensing
  5. We are holding the agency of some reputable and reliable companies mostly in high pressure systems and CNG.

Mostly we were active on sales of CNG stations equipment and parts and also we have a reasonable market share on sales of Instrumentation items.